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Rott'n Apple Worm Farm - Utah

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Worm Castings and Worm Tea have been a 'secret weapon' of avid gardeners and plant enthusiasts for hundreds of years.  These gardeners know that Worm Castings and Tea enhance plant health and growth.  Now you can achieve beautiful gardens and yards.

Rott'n Apple Worm Farm is located in South Central Utah.  We raise the ever popular Eisenia Foetida (Red Wiggler) worm.
They produce the best 100% organic fertilizer/pesticide hands-down.
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Available from Rott'n Apple Worm Farm:
*  Worm Castings *
* Worm Tea *
*  Worms for your compost pile *
* Compost bins *
Rott'n Apple Worm Farm grows top
quality Red Worms
We ship nationwide.
Worm bins are not available for online ordering, please call us at 1-435-896-1726 for prices.

Rott'n Apple Worm Farm * PO Box 570219 * Sigurd * Utah * 84657 * (435) 896-1726