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Dear Rott'n Apple Worm Farm;


Thank you for the use of your Worm Tea and Worm Castings.  I used them for the first time during the 2005 growing season.  I used them with great success planting trees and transplanting vegetables into my garden.


We also had some sort of vine that we thought was completely dead.  My wife wanted me to dig it out and buy new ones.  This spring I made a little reservoir around it and poured in Worm tea.  The plant has come back to life and is already 5 inches tall.

All my plants are recovering very nicely after the winter.

I plan to use Castings and Tea again this year.

 Thank you again!


Your loyal customer

Roger Ogden



The soil in my yard is very poor.  I have a hard time growing anything here.  When I heard about 'Worm Tea' I thought, what could it hurt to try it.  I was amazed at the difference it makes for my plants.

 I have been very impressed with the way my plants are growing and how simple it is to apply the 'Worm Tea.' 

 Also, I had major problems with jack rabbits eating my seedlings.  After applying the 'Tea' the amount of seedlings being nibbled on is very few.

 I love this product.  I only wish that I had heard about it years ago.  Gardening is fun again!


Shanna Bastian



The worm tea and castings are great!  I use them in all of my plants whether they are going to be inside or in a pot outside.  All of my plants are thriving.  A few weeks ago I bought 2 pots of mums.  I replanted them in larger pots and put them outside by my door.  For one plant I used the worm products and the other just regular soil.  The plant with the worm tea and castings lasted a lot longer and had bigger flowers than the other one.  I did everything else the same and even rotated their spots each day to keep things neutral.


They are great and really help your plants.  I can't recommend them enough.




I have used Rott'n Apple Worm Farm's castings in the seedling mix for my vegetable transplants for two seasons now.

I also make a tea and use it as the seedlings main food supply while in their containers. The plants experience strong germination, rapid growth and no disease issues.

Worm Castings and Worm Tea have become essential components in our organic farm fertility program. I would not do without it. The results are amazing.

James Haggerty

Sun River Farms - Elwood, Utah